Since the Louis Auchincloss collections of the 1950s and 1960s, there have been few collections of legal short fiction written by a practicing American lawyer, outside the genres of crime and legal thriller fiction. Here is a collection by Lowell B. Komie, published to celebrate his fiftieth year in the practice of law. This gathering of twenty-nine stories centered in Chicago, brings stories of the earlier collections together with more recent stories.


“Reading Komie’s stories, it becomes increasingly obvious that Komie is one of the finest writers of legal fiction in our time.”

James R. Elkins

Professor, College of Law, West Virginia University and Editor, Legal Studies Forum

“My Internet searches for lawyer-related fiction never yielded anything but John Grisham and his ilk. After a while, I despaired of finding the kind of book I wanted to read....What I wanted to read was the kind of fiction that illuminates and enriches your personal

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experience, and turns the everyday fare of hundreds of thousands into something that both mirrors and transcends it. For me, Komie’s book did exactly that.”

Laura L. Chalar

Uruguayan writer and lawyer, her first book of poetry appeared in 2005 in Montevideo, and her collection of short stories about the legal profession was published in 2007. Click here for the complete review